CES 2019 Alternative Restaurant Guide

(Sort of) Near The LVCC and Sands

The LVCC is essentially an Imperial star destroyer, but with less personality and fewer amenities. One of life’s great mysteries is why there aren’t more food options inside or adjacent to the Center (Tech East), since so many people attend shows there on a regular basis. However, if you’re willing to take a brisk stroll there are a few options.


Staying on or visiting Fremont Street? Congratulations, in addition to being the world capital of yard-long margarita specials, downtown is now home to some of Vegas’ most interesting dining options. It’s also a twelve-minute cab ride from the LVCC (without traffic, that is).

Basic, Cheap, Pretty Good

Do you have a car, or a generous private transportation budget? These lo-fi, high-quality options off the Strip are perfect for quick bites and local color.

Field Trips

Sometimes you just need to be free. Get out there! Vegas is a huge city with all kinds of interesting places beyond the Strip!



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