Takeaways from 99U

Make Room For All Team Members And New Ideas

Be Mindful At Work And At Home

  • Take time to reflect on things you are grateful for, even if they’re small, like your morning cup of coffee. Doing so has been shown to increase willpower and improve sleep.
  • Don’t let setbacks or conflict cloud your perspective with anger. Take a moment to consider the gravity of any tough situation. Ask yourself, is this a tragedy, or just an inconvenience? Chances are it isn’t a tragedy.
  • Having a generally rough time with life? Try to name your feelings out loud and share them with others. Naming a difficult feeling can make it feel less intense and sharing with your colleagues will foster trust. It will also reduce the distraction your emotional state can cause.
  • Remember, mindfulness is a skill, it is something that can be learned and honed.

Go To Meow Wolf

Make Your Upstrokes Thin and Your Downstrokes Thick

Figure Out What Is Most Important and Deliver On It

It’s Alright to Ask for Help

Focus On the Objective at Hand, Not Just Long-term Vision

How to Give and Receive Feedback, by Ustwo

  • Give feedback throughout the process.
  • Suggest a next step, and be specific. Speak directly to the goals of the project.
  • Be human. Affirm what’s working first and signal that you’re giving your personal opinion.
  • Let your peers know the context of the project and what kind of feedback you need
  • Be an active listener
  • Don’t take it personally. Examine your reactions … it’s not a personal attack against your work, you asked for their help.
  • Keep the goals of the project in mind, and put them first.

Sequence Your Information




Experts in UX, mobile products, and streaming services.

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Small Planet

Experts in UX, mobile products, and streaming services.

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